T.I. Confronts Charleston White Over Threats to King Harris

When controversial YouTuber Charleston White had some things to say about King Harris, we knew that T.I. wouldn’t be silent for long.

The beef started when White went on an unprovoked rant about Harris and rapper Boosie Badazz’s son, Tootie Raww.

White first attacked Boosie for his parenting choices and commented on Tootie Raww’s street persona. He said that Tootie, being soft and sheltered, was just another man who wasn’t aware of how to deal with success. White then targeted King Harris, saying he had the same opinion firsthand and wished that both could go to prison–so they’d know the consequences of their actions.

White continued his rant toward Harris, who was questioning the teen’s ability to fight.

Harris wasn’t going to let the disrespect slide. He took to Instagram, where he made obvious threats toward White. He called the YouTuber out for being tough on camera but running from a previous altercation. He ultimately told White the next time he saw him in person, “he would beat his a*s.”

Charleston White
T.I. Checks Charleston White For Threatening

D.J. Akademiks shared the timeline of a video with clips posted on his Instagram account.

Get ready to be outdone by 18-year-old Ben White, who will continue to speak on 12-year-old Alex Harris.

In a recent-seemingly Snapchat video, White delivered nothing but compliments about celebrities.

“Boy, your mama and daddy raised a yellow freak,” he said. “T.I., that’s the kind of boys you raising? You got your yellow a** son saying he will jump on 50-something-year-old n***a.”

White told the rapper that he didn’t have to be afraid of his son.

“Say T.I., look, if your boy jumps on me, y’all will bury that little yellow motherf**ker,” he continued.

When the King of the South didn’t immediately respond, Harris’s family trusted that White would call in the authorities.

In a video shared by The Shade Room, White told viewers that he tagged the Atlanta Police Department and Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis about a video where King threatened him.
“I want to put his son in jail,” White said.
Harris found T.I. in the comments section of White’s Facebook post and said they needed to talk in person.
T.I. scheduled a meeting with his ex-wife, White, for later the same day but didn’t call her back because she was busy at work.
But eventually, the “Rubber Band Man” artist was finally taken off the blocked call list. He hung up twice on her to make it through and speak with White.
It was clear that the two parties could agree upon no solution.

“Just got off the phone with T.I., and you don’t get to dictate nothing na,” he said. White claims that T.I. stated he was “just trying to get an understanding.” He replied, “I ain’t trying to give no understanding, na. If you can’t take what I took, then crash out na.” “Send whoever you need to,” he continued. When T.I.’s attempt to resolve a problem was denied, he went online and shared his opinion with his followers on his personal Instagram account. With T.I.’s mugshot still up, White tweeted that Hov is a legendary wordsmith. “I’ll stick my foot so far up your a*s you’ll be flossing your teeth with my shoelaces na!”

TIP believed that White wasn’t playing fair. TIP said, “Don’t play with mine,” but his main point was not taking out a blue cheese sample from the fridge.
No one knows why White targeted these teenagers, but it appears he might be over his head.

By the time Tiny Harris was born, he had a whole tribe working behind him in support of him.
With Blavity recently reporting on his sister and how she feels about people coming for her brother, Zonnique Pullins shared her thoughts about negative public opinions of her sibling on Twitter.

“When I was 18 I said dumb s**t and had a TON of growing to do.. y’all really could just ignore my brother but I’m guessing y’all want him to act like an upperclassmen cause y’all think he grew up in the house y’all watched on tv every Tuesday,” she penned.
After finishing her defense, she asked people to show the young man some grace. Did we mess up? Let us know!
“Give my baby some time to grow into the king he’s destined to be and until then send the kid some positive encouraging words,” she wrote.
We’d love for you to take our poll and let us know how you feel about the Harris clan stepping in and defending King no matter what. Please tell us where you stand in this debate.

source: Yahoo News

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