Hacker Sam Curry received $2,49,999 from Google

Search engine Google deposited two and a half million dollars into the account of a self-proclaimed hacker Sam Curry, without any reason.

Google, the king of search engines, mistakenly deposited two and a half million dollars in the account of hacker Sam Curry.

Hacker Sam Curry

Hacker Sam Curry

Through a tweet, Sam Curry said that in August he received a surprising amount of 249 thousand 999 dollars in his personal account. He did not know why the search engine Google deposited such a large amount in his account.

Sam Curry said that it has been a long time since the search engine sent money to Google, but the reason is still unknown.

The hacker has not yet spent a single dollar of the money ($249999) sent by Google.

Sam Curry says that he is waiting for the Google search engine to contact him. He is ready to return all this money.

During an interview, Sam Curry said that Google mistakenly sent money to his account. Sam Curry wants to know why search engine Google has made such a mistake.

A statement has been issued by the spokesperson of the search engine Google that due to a human error, the Google team has sent the money to the wrong party.

The spokesperson said that the company is trying to recover the money.

Who is Hacker Sam Curry?

Google mistakenly sent $249,999 to hacker Sam Curry’s account.

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