Amber Heard Net Worth 2022: Johnny Depp Damages, Divorce Settlement

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

According to reports, Amber Heard can’t afford to pay the fifteen million dollars she was awarded in the defamation suit against Johnny Depp. But here’s the thing: indeed, she must have millions of dollars. Maybe not many reports list her net worth as being in the range of $8 million and $2.5 million (Amber Heard Net Worth 2022), according to some.

According to a court transcript, Amber reportedly earned around $10 million over four movies between 2013 and 2019. She signed a four-picture deal with Warner Brothers in 2010 that would net her about $500,000 per film. In addition, she also received $300,000 for attending five days of promotional events where she could promote the movie on talk shows and at red carpet premieres, as well as for attending two premieres for press junkets and award nights. However, in addition to this upfront money, Amber said that if the movie ended up being successful, then she would also be guaranteed more money that reached even higher numbers – $2 million if there was a sequel and 3/4 million if there were more than two films produced under this contract! To date, this deal has paid Amber approximately $3.45 million!

Additionally, Heard has earned $5.8 million from her appearance in “The Stand” and a further $1.2 million from L’Oreal. She has promised to donate $7 million, of which $6.1 have gone to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. This number seems relatively paltry compared to how much has been promised by other celebrities who have given back 4x as much per donation in millions and billions. Given the fact that their divorce settlement agreement saw Depp pay out an estimated $7 million or so, perhaps there was some confusion about how he could afford to give her such little – especially since he once declared bankruptcy due to his home being mortgaged for $18-$20 million and is now seeking two mortgages in the amount of $9 million each on his houses in LA whose combined value is currently assessed at under $4 million each?

She should have her income in the region of $23 million, but it is only half of the story. Legal fees for the libel suit in the UK and the defamation suit in Virginia have been substantial. Depp, as the loser of the libel suit, would have had to pay for most of Heard’s legal expenses in this incident while she was likely held responsible for only a minor part of them as an innocent party.

Amber Heard Net Worth:

Heard’s exact net worth is up for debate. It is reported by Fox Business as being US$8 million. Heard has a net worth of US$ 2.5 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. There are rumors she got paid $7 million to be in Aquaman (2018).”

Amber Heard Net Worth


How much is Johnny Depp paying Amber?

Johnny Depp has a big smile on his face right now. A Virginia court awarded the actor $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages last week after suing his former business managers. However, Judge Penney Azcarate reduced the damages to $350,000, which is within Virginia’s statutory cap.

How does she compare to Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp has been acting since his longtime ex-wife was around, and during that time, he has made a fortune in real estate, business, and vintage cars. He makes an average of $20 million per movie these days, which is staggering. He was twice named the most overpaid actor in Hollywood by Forbes. This all changed when it was revealed that he blew most of his money back in 2016 when Amber Heard received a divorce settlement worth an estimated US$7 million out of her $21 million total net worth. Nevertheless, Johnny Depp still holds onto US$150 million, which is four times greater than hers!

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