Former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber has died at 38

Marion Barber III, the Dallas Cowboys running back who spent most of his career with them, has died. The team announced Wednesday that the 38-year-old had passed away after a prolonged battle with an undisclosed illness. “Marion was a hardworking football player who loved his coaches and teammates,” the statement reads. Our hearts go out to those who are in this challenging situation.”

Marion Barber
Marion Barber

Brian Barber, who went by the nickname “Marion the Barbarian,” played for six seasons as a linebacker in the NFL. During his sixth and final year with Dallas, the second-round draft pick was among the last players cut from a Cowboys training session ahead of the 2008 regular season.

According to police, an unattended death has been reported at the location by the Frisco police and Collin County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Marion Barber III:

Marion Barber was an American football running back who appeared for seven years in the NFL (2005 – 2011), with an additional year (2012) recorded as a free agent. He honed his skills in college at the Minnesota Golden Gophers and eventually put that to good use by playing in the NFL. His career highs were set during his stellar 2007 campaign, where he helped power his Cowboys squad into a top 5 finish at 13-3 by rushing for 1071 yards on 276 carries with 5.2 yards per carrying. He has also been featured in six different editions of the Pro Bowl game, which speaks volumes about his abilities as a player and person. In 2012 he signed on with the Chicago Bears but then decided to retire not long after because of health concerns around concussions and being hit too hard while trying to play again.

A former American football player, Marion Sylvester Barber III, played in the NFL for seven years. He was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 2005 and spent time with the team before returning to coach them.

Born: June 10, 1983, Plymouth, Minnesota, United States
Died: June 1, 2022, Frisco, Texas, United States
Receiving touchdowns: 6
Rushing yards: 4,780
Receiving yards: 1,330
Parents: Marion Barber Jr., Karen Barber
Siblings: Dominique Barber

Marion will always be remembered for his time with the Dallas Cowboys, where he played between 2005 and 2010 as a running back. He died on Wednesday at 38 years of age. For those who don’t know, Barber learned that he had hemorrhaged blood vessels in his brain and a condition called arteriosclerosis during an examination earlier that year. The cause of death is put by hypertension; the medical team did an autopsy on his body.

Marion Barber

How did Marion Barber’s NFL career go?

In his NFL career, Marion Barber played six seasons for the Cowboys and one for the Chicago Bears. He was found dead at his home in Frisco, Texas, on Wednesday of an unknown cause at 38 years old. Barber once occupied fourth place all-time for most touchdowns in a single season by an individual player playing for the Dallas Cowboys.

Marion Barber’s Girfriend/Wife/Children:

Marion Barber III has never been married before. He preferred being single to having a relationship.

Marion Barber’s legal problems:

Barber’s NFL career ended in 2011; After an illustrious career in the NFL, Barber’s life took a turn. In 2014 police arrested him, and he was taken to a hospital for an evaluation. The football star was arrested again in 2019 after being found unconscious near his car by police. In addition to the legal problems, Barber had a medical evaluation in the hospital and was put on probation.

Barber was sentenced to 12 months of supervised release and 60 hours of community service after he was charged with two counts of criminal damage.

Barber was selected to the Pro Bowl as a rookie in 2005. He had a great season in 2007, rushing for over a thousand yards and scoring many points. Marion played for the Cowboys for two years, but his performance declined.

Barber’s hard-charging style may have exposed him to more punishment because he was hard to bring down on his first contact. Nevertheless, the New England defenders shook off tackles, including five in the end zone, which could have resulted in a safety. The carry gained two yards but required 60 yards of Barber’s running. The father and siblings of Thomas Barber played football at the University of Minnesota.

Since December, four football players have died. The first player, Demaryius Thomas, died in December. The other three players all died this month. The players were all young, between the ages of 26 and 33. People are wondering why so many football players are dying at a young age. In addition, two people were killed in car crashes Monday in Dallas and April in Florida, one of which was a quarterback from the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Marion Barber Net Worth:

Marion Barber has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million after making much more money during his playing days than this amount.

Marion Barber

Faqs about RB Marion Barber III:

Who is Marion Barber?

Marion Sylvester Barber III, Born on June 10, 1983, to Died on June 1, 2022, was an American football player. Barber played in the NFL. He played for the Dallas Cowboys. He played for the Chicago Bears; Barber played football for a long time; He played football for many years. Marion played football for seven years. Marion played football for six years with the Dallas Cowboys and one year with the Chicago Bears.

How did Marion Barber iii die?

Police discovered former Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber dead in his apartment. Details regarding his death have been withheld. Although police responded to a welfare check on his apartment, the former football player has been arrested for possession of cocaine. Additionally, there was a leak coming from the penthouse of his building that led authorities to believe careless management was at fault.

Where was Marion Barber discovered dead?

Frisco, Texas, United States.

Which college did Marion Barber play football at?

Professional player P.J. Hill said that Marion Barber was one of the greatest to ever play for the Minnesota Vikings. This is a major reason fans return to the team so quickly after their recent scandal. “Marion Jr., Karen, Dom, and Thomas are part of the Barber family, and we are devastated for them!” Hill said in his statement shortly before leaving practice on Wednesday evening.

What is the Net worth of Barber?

According to multiple sources, Marion Barber had a net worth of just 1.5m dollars, despite making much more during his NFL playing days.

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