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The full name of Dan is Daniel Reed Crenshaw. He is an American Politician and, in Texas, serving as the United States. Representative since 2019. Dan Crenshaw also served as the former United States Navy Seal Officer in military service. Texas’s 2nd congressional district consists of Western and Northern Houston. The D. Crenshaw zodiac sign is Pisces; Dan Crenshaw’s age is 38 years in 2022. The Dan Crenshaw Height is 5 Feet 8 Inches

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Dan Crenshaw Biography:

Born: March 14, 1984 (age 38 years), Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Spouse: Tara Blake (m. 2013)
Office: Representative (R-TX 2nd District) since 2019
Education: Harvard Kennedy School (2018), Tufts University (2006), Colegio Nueva Granada (2002)
Parents: Jim Crenshaw, Susan Carol Crenshaw

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Dan Early life and Education:

The date of birth of Dan Crenshaw is 14 March 1984, and his place of birth is in Aberdeen, U.K. He was of 10 years when his mother died of cancer. He spent his childhood in Texas. Jim Crenshaw, his father, was a petroleum engineer. Dan Crenshaw then lived in Columbia and Ecuador, where he learned Spanish. Then Dan completed his schooling at Colegio Nueva Granada in 2002. Then he went to the United States, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts major in International Relationships from Tufts University United States. 

Dan Military Services:

After graduation, Crenshaw joined the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps and got an official bonus in the U.S. Naval force. At Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, he joined the basic training of underwater forces. Crenshaw completed his BUD/S training 264 in just six months. He was qualified for wearing the Special Warfare Insignia as he was selected 1130 designator as a Naval Special Warfare Officer After completing his SEAL training in 2008 June.

Crenshaw served in the Navy SEALs for a very long time and five deployments, arriving at the position of lieutenant authority. He visited Iraq in the Fallujah area; he had to join Team 3 from the SEAL force. Crenshaw got two Bronze Star Medals, one with a “V” alphabet, the Purple Heart, and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal as a Navy SEAL officer for his fearlessness. He medicinally resigned from military help in 2016 with the position of lieutenant leader. He served the Navy for four years after his eye injury.

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Dan Crenshaw Political career:

Crenshaw progressed in the top 10 in the first round of the Republican Party essential political race. While in the second round, Crenshaw got 155 votes more than Kathaleen Wall, he was that applicant who was upheld by Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott. The lead-up to the overflow political race was combative. A super PAC, financed by Roberts’Roberts’ brother by marriage, Mark Lanier, zeroed in on Crenshaw’s 2015 explanations disparaging the official applicant. Donald Trump, notwithstanding Roberts, has additionally been condemning President Trump before. Finally, acquiring the underwriting of Senator Tom Cotton, Crenshaw got public consideration, showing up on paper and T.V., remembering for Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox Business. 

During his 2018 political race, Crenshaw shielded Trump’s proposition to construct a line divider on the Mexico–United States line. While the facts confirm that between 20 to 30 percent of haven demands per annum have been allowed since 2009, a portion of the dismissed applications might, in any case, hold legitimate legitimacy, and Political Fact appraised his assertion as “bogus.” Congressman dan crenshaw official u.s. house website is

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Dan Social issues:

Crenshaw accepts that administration ought not to be associated with controlling marriage and has communicated support for the legitimization of same-sex marriage. Although, in 2015, he disagreed with individuals attempting to propose Christianity; He discussed his point of view as “the most exceedingly awful thing current Christianity represents is against gay marriage, which is a long way from sex slaves, sharia law, and executions.” 

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Dan Crenshaw Wife:

Dan Crenshaw wife is Tara Blake. They tied the knot in 2013. Tara Blake is a social media activist. He launched a podcast in 2020, “Hold these truths” They tied the knot in 2013. She is a social media activist. He established a podcast in 2020, “Hold these truths.” Dan Crenshaw hat and dan Crenshaw t shirt are also famous on social.

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Dan Awards and Recognition:

Fortune magazine remembered Crenshaw for his services in the “Public authority and Politics” classification, composing that he “wears his support of his country on his face.”

Dan Crenshaw Captain America:

Dan, who represents the second congressional district of Texas, raised his eye patch to show Evans a mirror-inspired glass of Captain America. He Twitted the eye to resemble Captain America’s shield on Twitter, with a five-pointed, white star surrounded by circles.

Dan Crenshaw 'Captain America' glass eye to Chris Evans

Dan Crenshaw Net Worth:

Dan’s net worth is $5 million approximately.

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D. Crenshaw Interesting Facts:

  • D. Crenshaw joined the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps while in Tufts.
  • After that, he worked in the Navy SEAL for ten years.
  • His initial deployment went to Fallujah, Iraq.
  • D. Crenshaw lost his right eye during his third deployment in Helmand province of Afghanistan in 2012. 
  • Dan served his fourth and fifth duty shifts in Bahrain and South Korea.
  • With value, Dan Crenshaw received two Bronze Star Medals, the Purple Heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Recognition Medal.
  • D. Crenshaw retired from military service in 2016 as a lieutenant commander.
  • Dan advanced to the general election by defeating Kevin Roberts with 69.8% of the votes.
  • Crenshaw beat Democrat Todd Litton in the November 2017 general election with 52.8% of the votes.
  • He defended Trump’s proposal to construct a border wall on the southern border.
  • Dan Crenshaw married Tara Blake in 2013. 
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Dan Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: Dan Crenshaw Twitter

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Faqs about Dan:

Who is Dan Crenshaw?

He is an American Politician and in Texas, serving in the United States. Representative since 2019. He also served as a former SEAL officer in United States Navy. Texas’s 2nd congressional district consists of Western and Northern Houston.

How did Dan Crenshaw lose his eye?

He lost his eye when his tour in Afghanistan due to an IDE explosion. Unfortunately, he only left one eye.

Why does Dan Crenshaw wear an eye patch?

When Crenshaw visited Afghanistan 3rd time there, he lost one eye due to an IDE explosion. That is why he used to wear an eye patch.

What did Pete Davidson say to Dan Crenshaw?

Pete Davidson made fun of Crenshaw for wearing an eye patch and criticized him because he lost his one eye in Afghanistan due to an explosion. Later on, he apologized for it.

How old is Dan Crenshaw?

D. Crenshaw 38 years old in 2022.

What party is Dan Crenshaw?

Dan Crenshaw’s political party is Republican.

Did Dan Crenshaw lose his other eye?

D. Crenshaw lost his right eye during his third deployment in 2012 when an IED hit him in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. The blast damaged his right eye, and he needed an operation to restore vision in his left eye.

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