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A renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto was also an author, researcher, and businessman. He did a water research experiment and claimed that a person’s consciousness could affect the structure of water products molecules. He was born in the city of Japan, Yokohama; he was born on 22 July 1943. Emoto completed his graduation from Yokohama Municipal University. He also took courses on International Relations. He started his practical life by working in the Nagoya office in Yomiuri Shimbun. Later in 1986, he developed International Health and Medical Companies.

In 1989 he marketed a device that was used to detect magnetic fields near human air. The name of the device was Magnetic Resonance Analyzer. After that, it was renamed “Vibration-o-Meter.” Dr. Emoto’s clear vision and superb scientific skill filled in as a leader of a non-benefit association called International Water for Life Foundation. Then from an institute of India, he received the degree (diploma) of doctor in 1999. That’s why he is also called Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Masaru Emoto
Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto Biography:

Born: July 22, 1943, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Died: October 17, 2014, Tokyo, Japan
Spouse: Kazuko Emoto
Education: Yokohama Municipal University
Children: Hiromasa EmotoMasaru Emoto 4 min

Water Crystal Experiments:

Masaru Emoto’s water experiment explains that positivity and positive words like compassion, thank you, wisdom, heavy metal music, and Love and gratitude to water samples bottles will create beautiful and pleasant crystal formation. The same goes for negative thoughts, and negative words like I will kill you, you fool, and you disgust me, will result in ugly ice crystals. He also observed the water crystal formation before and after Buddhist prayer. After performing water crystal experiments, Doctor Masaru Emoto did water crystal photography and water memory.

Masaru Emoto water crystal images clearly showed the effects of human words on liquid water. Furthermore, the Emoto water freeze experiment replicated as a double-blind and triple-blind replication on crystal formation. 

Masaru Emoto has done exceptionally intriguing investigations with water transforms at essential focuses for freezing. He asserts that words communicating feelings influence the precious stones shaped all the while. Emoto reports that words with positive, passionate substance produce excellent precious stones, and those with damaging enthusiastic senses create appalling ones. Additionally, music and even pictures are accounted for to have comparative impacts. Emoto has further explored rice in water and claims that the words with positive, enthusiastic substances initiate a metabolic cycle known as maturation.

Masaru Emoto Thank you
Masaru Emoto Thank you

In contrast, those with damaging passionate substance will generally actuate decaying. The trials can be convicted and individuals calling themselves cynics have responded fiercely to these cases. T.G.D. The propelled hypothesis of awareness and quantum scientific exploration recommends the presence of simply this sort of impact. One can make the functioning theory that the results are genuine and see what the T.G.D.-based clarification could be. In the continuation, I will consider the functioning speculation that the impacts are real and foster a clarification dependent on T.G.D. They roused quantum scientific demonstration. The essential elements of the model are the accompanying: attractive body conveying dark matter as h ef f/h = n periods of traditional value; correspondences among M.B. and organic body utilizing light photons ready to change to ordinary photons recognizable as bio-photons; the unique properties of water body clarified in T.G.D. System by expecting dim part of water inferring that criticality for freezing includes quantum criticality likewise, and the acknowledgment of genetic code and partners of the fundamental bio-atoms as dim proton successions and as 3-harmonies are comprising of light or sound giving a general language permitting widespread way to communicate feelings as far as bio-amicability acknowledged as the music of light or sound. The snare of water test and the subject individual accepted as motion tube associations would bring about a more considerable cognizant element communicating feelings using language acknowledged as far as essential biomolecules all around by using genetic code believed as far as both dim proton arrangements and music of light and sound.

It is unrealistic that there is any reality behind Emoto’s experiments. A triple-blind investigation of these cases neglected to show any impact. Likewise, the marvel he depicts has never been distributed in a companion investigated scientific studies diary, which in all likelihood implies that the effects can’t be shown under controlled conditions. However, you might say, maybe no one has attempted to reproduce this impact under controlled conditions. I especially question that. Emoto’s wonder would be astonishing, assuming valid, and the demonstrator of the marvel would accomplish moment distinction and, likely, fortune.

Masaru Emoto Water Crystals
Masaru Emoto Water Crystals

Masaru Emoto rice experiment:

Masaru Emoto rice experiment is one of the unique experiments; Dr. Emoto poured water over cooked rice in three distinct containers, then, at that point marking one “Thank You!,” he kept the second jar as “You are an idiot!” and he left the third jar unlabeled, it means that pot is auto controlled by environment and atmosphere.

Reliably for one month, Emoto talked whatever was on the container to the rice inside (since this is about deliberateness, it doesn’t affect whether the other rice “get”). Also, following thirty days, what was the deal? In light of everything, the “Thank You!” rice “started to age, radiating a solid, wonderful smell.” The “You’re not kidding” rice became, for the most part, dark, and the control rice “started to spoil,” turning an appalling green-blue tone. The dance is up when your control rice decays, correct? Not. As per Emoto, the “overlooked” rice fared the most noticeably awful because carelessness and impassion are the most horrendous things we can do to water, rice, and ourselves. He proceeds to clarify that “we should chat with youngsters,” a piece of great nurturing counsel that makes certain to be ascribed to this rice analysis everlastingly. 

In any case, did others get similar outcomes? Indeed, the web is on it, and individuals are doing this investigation in their homes and including their effects on YouTube. Some tracked down that the outcomes generally reproduced Emoto’s, similar to this couple, who didn’t utilize the control, and this individual who didn’t pour water over his rice by any means, making precise inquiries emerge. The people who followed the test conventions most constantly and guaranteed that every one of their materials was clean, similar to this person, tracked down that the entirety of their sanitized rice tests came out with regards to something similar and that any shape came from bacterial pollution, either from the actual containers or from the highest point of the rice being introduced to air as it was cooling.

Dr. Emoto rice experiment Love, Nothing, Hate Rice Experiment
Dr. Emoto rice experiment Love, Nothing, Hate Rice Experiment


Reporters have condemned Emoto for inadequate test controls and not impart sufficient subtleties of his trials to established researchers. He has been scrutinized for planning his examinations in manners that grant power or human blunder. Organic scientist and Director of Microscopy at University College Cork William Reville communicated, “It is implausible that there is any reality behind Emoto’s cases. Reville noticed the absence of logical distribution and brought up that any individual who could show such wonders would turn out to be quickly renowned and most likely rich. 

Expounding on Emoto’s power human thoughts in the Skeptical Inquirer, Doctor Harriet A. Lobby presumed that it was “difficult to perceive how anybody could confuse it with science.” In 2003, James Randi appropriated a hello on his site, offering Emoto to take the One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, in which Emoto may have gotten US$1,000,000 if he had the alternative to reproduce the examination under test conditions agreed to by the two players. Randi didn’t get a reaction.

Public Views:  

There is consistently a group of people for something like this. Specific individuals need to have faith in bizarre wonders. Emoto’s adherents are likewise prone to entering New Age wonders like Chakras, out-of-body encounters, and previous existences. In case Emoto is correct, you positively don’t need individuals considering you severely! Be that as it may, I figure we can unwind. As I would see it, Emoto has the customary two possibilities of being correct thin and none.

Masaru Emoto’s Books:

Masaru Emoto’s books are all based on his experiments, especially Dr. Emoto’s water experiments. Some of his books are

  • The hidden message in water
  • The True power of water
  • The Secret Life of Water
  • Water Crystal Healing
  • Love Thyself: The Message from Water
  • The Healing power of water
  • The Miracle of water
  • Message from the Water and the Universe
  • The Shape of Love
  • The shape of Love Conveyed by Water
  • The Source of Life, The Spirit of Words
  • The Truth of HadoMasaru Emoto

Net Worth of Masaru Emoto:

Dr. Emoto’s net worth is almost $17 Million. His income per year is $1000000.Masaru Emoto Experiment

Interesting Facts of Masaru Emoto :

  • Emoto stands for Eventual Master of The Obvious.
  • Emoto graduated from Yokohama Municipal University.
  • Masaru Emoto introduced pseudoscience of water.
  • Dr. Masaru was born in the city of Japan.
  • Kazuko Emoto is the spouse of Masaru Emoto, and Hiromasa Emoto is his son. He is the C.E.O. of I.H.M. cooperation.
  • Emoto completed his graduation from Yokohama Municipal University.
  • Emoto’s net worth is about $17 Million.
  • Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote several books on the pseudoscience of water.
  • A scientist, Randi, challenged Dr. Emoto to perform his experiment again under scientific conditions. If he proved himself right then, Randi would give him one million dollars.
  • He was not a professional doctor, but he received a diploma from an Indian institute.
  • He also took courses on International Relations.
  • After performing water crystal experiments, Doctor Masaru Emoto did water crystal photographs.
  • He died of pneumonia on 17 October 2014 at the age of 74.Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto

Emoto Wikipedia: Masaru Emoto Wikipedia

FAQs about Masaru Emoto:

Who is Dr. Masaru Emoto?

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese scientist, researcher, and businessman. He proposed water research experiments and rice jar experiments; he also photographed water crystals after performing experiments.

Is Masaru Emoto still alive?

No, Dr. Masaru Emoto is not alive. He died on 17 October 2014 at the age of 74.

When did Dr. Emoto do his water experiment?

In 1990, Dr. Emoto performed his water experiment.

Do thoughts affect water?

According to Dr. Masaru Emoto, thoughts affect water. Water crystals formation depends on human thoughts; it results in ugly ice crystals or well-structured ice crystals. It all depends on human thoughts and words.

Who wrote The Hidden Messages in Water?

Late dr. Masaru Emoto is the author of the book “The Hidden Message in Water.” It was published in 2004. It was the New York Times’ best seller.

Who studied water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto performed scientific studies and experiments on the molecular structure of water and observed human words’ behavior in the form of water crystals.

Are the hidden messages in water real?

According to Late Dr. Masaru Emoto, the hidden message in the water is real, but many scientists disagree with him. A biochemistry professor at University College Cork stated that Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research and concept are baseless in the Irish Times.

Does the Rice Experiment Work?

Everyone can try different things with temperatures, stickiness and check out the results. That is the cool stuff. Presently it could all be valid, and our words and thought could cause the shape to develop or cause aging; however, that is relatively non- realistic at any rate; the rice experiment neglects to do so.

How do you do the love/hate rice experiment?

Love/Hate rice experiment is straightforward to perform. In this experiment, you only use your words to make the difference between two things of rice. The first step is to cook some white rice. Then put an equal amount of cooked rice in two jars. Close the jars—label one jar with Hate and the second with Love. Please keep them in two different places and daily speak to both jars according to their brands. Means, talk about Love dialogues and appreciating words to love jar like “You are so beautiful, I love you, you are amazing, you are best, etc.” and hate speech to the Hate labeled jar like “I hate you, you are so ugly, you are an idiot, you are the worst.” It feels ridiculous talking rice jars, but that is an experiment. Repeat this process for a month, and then share your experiment results.

What happens to your rice jars?

Did you notice any difference? And after performing this experiment share your views about the investigation of Dr. Emoto.

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