Zoey Christina Ball 2023: The Star Child of Lonzo Ball & Denise Garcia!

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5 years2'13 ft$35m (Father's)

Zoey Christina Ball was born in Chino Hills, California, to Lonzo Ball and Denise Garcia, NBA basketball players. A native of the South Carolina Lowcountry, she’s a niece of Charlotte Hornets LaMelo Ball and part of the growing Ball family, who share the same surname with their father, but not their mother; this means that Zoey does not have the last name “Ball.” Her birth was revealed in their family, Ball in the Family. Zoey’s father is a basketball player, while her mother is a social media star.

Zoey Christina Ball Wiki/Biography:

Stage Name:Zoey Christina Ball
Real Name:Zoey Christina Ball
Profession(s):Daughter of Lonzo Ball
Birthday:July 22, 2018
Zodiac Sign:Cancer
Age (As of 2022):4 years
Birthplace:Chino Hills, United States
Hometown:Chino Hills, California, United States
Parents:Father: Lonzo Ball
Mother: Denise Garcia
Great-grandparents:Catherine Slatinsky, Robert Slatinsky
Sibling(s):Brother(s): N/A
Sister(s): N/A
Others: Dayna Garcia, Gary Garcia
Net Worth:N/A

Zoey Christina Ball is the daughter of longtime NBA star and current player Lonzo Ball. Young Zoey’s father played with UCLA for one season, earning a spot on the first-team All-American roster before being drafted into the pro league. Currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, she has yet to appear in any games under her dad’s leadership – however that may soon change.

Zoey Christina Ball, a native of Chino Hills, California, is the granddaughter of Tina Ball. She is the sister of Lonzo Ball, who plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. Little Zoey couldn’t be any more adorable with her curly blond hair that makes you feel like petting her all day long! She often seems bashful when meeting other famous athletes and celebrities on her family’s reality show, but she’s come out of her shell as she gets older. Watching videos about little Zoey gives you warm fuzzy feelings inside! Daughter of a famous NBA player, Zoey Christina Ball was gifted a red carpet experience at the Kids’ Choice Sports Awards in early 2019 as she accompanied her father. According to TMZ, Zoey’s mother was also part of Lonzo Ball’s life during his more memorable high school years. The Ball family has had the public in their corner for years because of Lavar Ball’s antics, but his son made a name for himself by becoming one of the most prolific scorers in the NBA. Lavar is known for pulling outrageous stunts like putting his son’s stuff up on the market to see how much they could get. And while his antics are well-documented, he also happens to be quite protective of his family and believes everyone has something valuable to give.

UCLA star Lonzo Ball’s fairytale life has undoubtedly been one for the books. Not only has his name become famous in athletic circles, but he started dating someone of equal celebrity status! Meet Vanessa Garcia, Lonzo’s college sweetheart, to who Lonzo was linked before the draft. Garcia and Ball have been dating since they were juniors at UCLA.

Ball recently became a father back in July after his girlfriend, who was pregnant, gave birth. At that time, Ball had not long joined the Lakers, and he was in his rookie year with the team. Therefore, it is believed that their relationship did not start as one where they expected to have children during those years. That being said, she will be a devoted mother by all accounts, especially considering she already mentioned how excited she is about being a parent even before her pregnancy occurred in mid-2018.

As of 2019, Zoey Ball’s mother, Garcia, is a full-time IG model on the platform. She has almost 500,000 followers and regularly posts content about being a young mother and various beauty and fitness routines. It looks like Lonzo has Zoey on the right track when it comes to sports. In June, he posted an adorable video of his daughter playing with buckets.

Zoey Christina Ball

Zoey Christina Ball age by year:

Zoey Christina Ball was born in 2018; now, her age is four years. Lonzo and Denise Garcia keep their fans in the loop over their daughter’s growth. Here are some of the most exciting photos from her first year. In addition, Zoey’s parents posted photos on Instagram of her first birthday and gained media attention.

It’s official! Over a year after she was born, the Tiesto and Konshens songstress finally had a name. Fans have been speculating about what her name could be for the longest time, but now we know that Myrtle Mae Pitot is her first and official name. Congrats again to Tiesto Shane Ga Buatsi, Myrtle’s parents, for finally announcing this major decision.

Lonzo Ball’s girlfriend: Who is she?

Denise Reann Garcia is a soccer player who belongs to a basketball family, an Instagram person, and a model. She is from the West Covina, which is near Los Angeles. Denise has made a name for herself because of her relationship with Lonzo Ball, also from Chino Hills. Denise met Lonzo when he started playing at UCLA as a freshman student in 2016.

Denise Garcia is a natural beauty expert on Instagram. Born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area, Denise was a soccer star at Chino Hills High School, befriending fellow student Lonzo Ball. However, Denise never needed to look for when it came to beauty tips when she was young due to her frequent exposure to family members who were beauty professionals in one form or another before getting into social media herself!

Lonzo Ball, father of Zoey Christina Ball: 

LaVar Ball and Tina Ball are the parents of Lonzo Ball. Lonzo Ball will be making his NBA debut in 2020-21, joining Zach LaVine of the Chicago Bulls. These two superstars will be playing together as starters from this upcoming basketball season onwards. Though neither has specifically announced their long-term plans for the partnership, fans are eager to learn more about this unusual pairing! In short, how long is this relationship likely to last? When you’re wondering what’s next for the Bulls (and Ball), there’s no better place to turn than your favorite news resource. Next Sunday (the 31st), we will be interviewing journalist Zoe Kristel about basketball, and staying up to date with all the latest news stories is a good idea too!

Denise Garcia, mother of Zoey Christina Ball: 

Denise Garcia Is a mother of three attractive young female children; Zoey, Christina, and Tiffany; She was an athlete during her youth and played Soccer for four years in High School. Denise Garcia, the mother of Zoey Christina Ball, is also an athletic star. Denise was previously tried at Seattle University and the University of California, Riverside. She has since co-founded her own company alongside Blake Johnson, specializing in strategic planning regarding project management and team coordination.

Denise Garcia is the mother of Zoey Christiana Balle. She also happens to be a tremendous star athlete. Not only did she play varsity soccer while a part of the Seattle University team, but she also played in college. Denise made 14 assists and was regarded as the best women’s soccer player in one season at UC Riverside.

Right now, she is a model on the photo-sharing website. She has over 500,000 followers and posts about beauty, health, and fitness on a regular basis. Staying fit and active is a big part of her life as an athlete, so it makes sense. After all, being a college athlete means you’re playing (and practicing) throughout the week, so this gets you into shape!

Lonzo Ball and Denise Garcia Relationship:

There was a lot of speculation surrounding the relationship status of Lonzo Ball and Denise Garcia. It all started when he showed up at his second NBA game with a new tattoo honoring her. Then it became gossipy because they were never seen together or didn’t show any affection towards each other publicly on camera. But their relationship suddenly made headlines around Christmas day when people speculated that Ball would not be returning to New Orleans. He fired back by saying that this news was outrageous, but the rumors eventually became accurate, and he was traded to the Lakers for Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and 3 first-round draft picks. So now things are finally starting to settle down again for the young NBA superstar, who is reported to have narrowed down his choices for tattoos from 21 to 5 now that he no longer needs them. And then there’s his girlfriend: Denise Garcia, whom we think you’ll agree is quite the catch!

Interesting Facts about Zoey Christina Ball:

  • Zoey Ball is the daughter of a famous Basketball Player, Lonzo Ball, and Denise Garcia.
  • Zoey Christina Ball’s zodiac sign is cancer.
  • She is a famous born child star.
  • Zoey Ball is the granddaughter of LaVar Ball and the niece of LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball.
  • Like Natalia Bryant and Riley Curry, Zoey Ball is part of a sports dynasty.

Faqs about Zoey Ball:

Who is Zoey Christina Ball?

Zoey Christina Ball is the daughter of Lonzo Ball and Denise Garcia.

What is the age of Zoey Ball?

Zoey Ball was born in 2018; the age of Zoey Ball is 3 years as of 2021.

When is Zoey Ball’s next birthday?

Zoey Ball was born on the 22nd of July 2018, on Sunday.

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